The HERe Team

The women behind the incredible organization, 
HERe: Happenings for Jewish Women.

Leslie Gold Ruder

Email: [email protected]

In the midst of her long career in professional theatre, film, and television - acting, directing, producing, casting, stage managing and playwriting (her published one-act play, "The Ger," was written years before she opened a Chumash!), Leslie was rescued by Aish HaTorah in Los Angeles, where she was pursuing fame, fortune, and an Oscar. Thank G-d for unanswered prayers!

Leslie learned how to be a Torah Jew during her years at She'arim College for Jewish Women in Yerushalayim, then at the ripe age of 45 found her bashert, and had their baby two days after their first anniversary, B''H (yes, that's the miracle story you heard).

A long-time Passaic, NJ resident, Leslie coaches women to achieve their goals, teaches acting for women and girls, emcees events and performs now and then, including in the popular comedic web series "Soon By You," and at the open mic nights she puts on with her long-time collaborator, the magnificent Miriam Sandler. Leslie and Miriam wrote and directed the original musical "Tales of Teen Island," featuring Miriam's and Shaindel Antelis' glorious music. Leslie's Acting & Improv workshops for women 18-80+ are sought after around the US and Israel, and have been called "Transformative," "Better than any therapy I've ever had!" and "The highlight of the Retreat!

Leslie recently launched HERe: "Happenings" for Jewish Women, to bring frum Jewish women together for relaxation and elevation in a variety of settings while creating opportunities for the most talented female performers in the frum world to shine their light on us all. Since the pandemic began, HERe: Happenings for Jewish Women has been privileged to bring together the most incredible Jewish Women Kol isha-observing professional performing artists from around the world, reaching thousands of women in the US, Canada, Israel, England, South Africa and beyond!

Shaindel Antelis 

Board Member

Shaindel is a singer-songwriter whose aim is to uplift women and girls to feel good about themselves In this crazy world we live in. She has four albums out with original songs and many music videos which you can view on her site! Today she will be singing some of those original songs for you ladies online! She got married in September and currently resides in far Rockaway with her husband. Shaindel is on the founding Board of Advisors of HERe: Happenings for Jewish Women.

Lyndsay Blashka

Board Member

Lyndsay is a social worker by day, and singer at all other times. Lyndsay was born with a passion for singing, singing all the time, since she can remember. Lyndsay became a Masters in Social Work, connecting with others through a different medium. Excited to fuse her passion for voice, connection, and most importantly Hashem, Lyndsay is honored to be on the advisory board for HERe Happenings.

Toba Shifrin

Board Member

Mrs. Toba Shifrin, a veteran mechaneches leading such institutions as Bnot Chaya Academy (Rabbi Wallerstien’s High School for Girls) and Camps Anna Heller and Oorah’s Zone Girls Division, has been teaching and lecturing to women and girls worldwide for close to three decades. She delights in teaching from a vast array of sources and texts couched in humor and wit. Mrs. Shifrin lives in Passaic New Jersey where she teaches a weekly Tefila shiur and splashes in rain puddles with her kids.