Accolades, Applause, Appreciation...

HERe what your Jewish Sisters around the world are saying about HERe

From Tzedakas that beneffited from HERe donations

Kids of Courage

  "Thank you for creating awareness for Kids of Courage. HERe created a platform for a needed void in the
female Jewish community. You were also first to organize
a virtual female concert during social
distancing. How can we survive without music?
... I enjoyed the discussion part, too, particularly
the Kol isha question. I also feel that certain Jewish
women with great talent have a challenge to not share
it nationally like on America's Got Talent, American Idol,
etc...Therefore, platforms like HERe are necessary!
I hope to collaborate again in the future."

Esther Cohen
Kids of Courage, Development

                         From Our Audience...

Thank you for the amazing, inspiring, incredibly moving, well-planned and heartwarming concert!  Kol ha kavod!

Dana Ruttner

"Thank you Hashem for showing me all these amazing frum women singers, they have all really showed me this new golden path that anyone can take, and thank you Leslie for creating that golden path that just makes things much more clear for so many people. 😊😊 You're the best!!"

Dina Zuckerman

"I just want to share that your virtual concerts have given me such a lift! Your smile and energy that you share with others is heartwarming! Wishing you continued success with this!"

Aviva Eisikowitz

"Thank you once again for a super amazing uplifting and inspiring concert. It just gets better and better! My favorite part, believe it or not, was YOU! Great performance, what a surprise! Thank you for bringing Marion Fine to join in the fun - she was incredible...All those cute kids - it's truly a show that caters to all ages and types... And I love what you pointed out that it felt like each performer was performing for me. What a treat! I can't wait for the next TWO concerts! May Hashem bless you with health, mazal, hatzlacha, nachas from your children and everything good because of the chizuk that you are providing for so many women!" 

Chavie Anteby

"I would like to let you know that I LOVEEEEEEEEE your events!!! You make my nights wherever you have them. Your humor combined with the talent of the Jewish women inspires me to no end:))) I am honored to have an inspiration such as you as a part of my life!!! Thank you for keeping me going even when I am going through a rough time... my sisters enjoy watching with me- it becomes a family movie night:)) We are the BIGGEST fans of your movement of keeping Jewish women across the globe connected:))) Thank you again. Your biggest fan."

Raizy Epstein

"Thank you for a great show on Monday. I enjoyed it. Hope all is well over at your end of the country. Wow, if it isn't a pandemic then it is something else. I feel like we are falling apart as a nation. Your sessions are a welcome breath of fresh air."

Shera Finkel

"Thank you. Thank you… these singers are amazing …Thank you … this was amazing!!! Much appreciated to have some music and amazing entertainers to enjoy their voices!!! Toda raba! Chag Sameach!"

Keren Miller

"I really enjoyed the virtual concert and conversation that you facilitated on May 26. I was entertained and inspired by all of the incredible performers that were on the show. Thank you so much for the wonderful event."

Chana Fine

"Thank you so much for such an enjoyable afternoon. I love the talented women and girls. It is really beautiful to see all the terrific talent we have among us. It is a wonderful event that you put together and I do enjoy it very much. Thanks again."

Julie Meister

"First of all, kol hakavod for organizing these... such a cool idea... it's funny that no one would have thought of these if we weren't trapped in our houses but there is something really cool about being able to have a collection of talent from all over the world in one place. First of all the comedy was great!!!!! It is so hard to find clean comedy online and for sure not women and frum women. I really really enjoyed it! The other thing that was interesting was I found the singing in the acapella concert m... really really nice! Again, Kol Hakavod! and Tizku lamitzvot!"

Shoshana Gabbai

"Hi, I am super excited for this show!! The last two were so amazing! In the last survey, I answered that I would only watch it if it were free, but now I changed my mind - I donated to S.A.R.A.H. - what a great cause! I want you to know that I enjoy you as the MC - your shout out to the teenagers because they are now stuck home with their parents in the first show was so funny! You add light and joy and laugher in a world gone dark. Thank you so much! I am home with 4 kids, ages 5 and under, and this show is something I can look forward to (and watch the old one!) when it gets too crazy. Keep it up! You are the best!"

Chavie Anteby

"Thank you so much for today’s concert!!! It was amazing!!! Really lifted my spirits..."

Hindy Sternhill

"We watched your Acappella program. It was amazing! What a great chesed you did making these uplifting shows in such trying times."

Malka Greenhaus

Thank you for all your hard work. Can’t wait for the next one!

Chaya Nechama Pruzansky

It was incredible! I am already looking forward to the next one!! Thank you 

Paula Gershonowitz

Thanks so much for all your hard work! My daughter felt so amazing after her performance. You have no idea how special it was for me to see her up there on stage! She had spent the first 3 months of her life in the ICU and had quite a few surgeries as a baby and a small child. There were times that it was almost touch and go. To see my baby who almost didn’t make it, turn into this beautiful girl who at age 13 isn’t scared to sing in front of over a hundred woman, really gave me so much gratitude and hakaras hatov to Hashem! Thank you for being a part of that and I hope she can continue to perform in the future iyH!

Mrs. R

Thanks so much for arranging this evening! I am not a performer, nor did I know anyone who was performing. My friend and I just came out for something to do, and it was fun!

YOUR TIME! Open Mic Attendee

I really enjoyed the interesting piano music that was played by [Fraydl Leah Kletter]  I also really loved the performance of the duet from Wicked [Esti Berger Pitterman & Michal Negrin], that was super special.  I also loved all the broadway showtunes [Miryam Lakritz], they are a blast. Danielle Zimmerman on the guitar was beautiful. I loved that she sang something that we could sing along to.… it was a lovely night out and thanks for doing this for the performers and for the people who just enjoy music (like me!)

Devorah Sasson

From Our Performers...

"Wow, that was beautiful! And LESLIE YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR AND PUT ON A SHOW LIKE NO OTHER!!!!!! I find your shows to be the most inspiring shows to be in and to watch! The other performances literally melt my heart and move me to tears every time! You are so beyond wonderful and organized to make these events happen!!!!!"

Shaindel Antelis
Professional Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist/Guitarist/Vocal Coach

"Yesterday's event lifted me up to the heavens!! Thank you all for sharing your divine gifts with me and the world!! You are all needed, so keep singing and dancing so we'll iy'H be READY when MOSHIACH Is revealed TODAY!!"

Miriam Sandler
Professional Singer/Inspirational Speaker/Vocal Coach

"You guys were all so inspiring and just amazing!"

Judith Gerzi, Israel
Professional Singer and Inspirational Speaker

Thank you everyone! Was an absolutely beautiful event! 

Tzippora Amster Rothberg
Professional Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist/Pianist/Music Teacher

"It was such a beautiful opportunity to sing with so many talented performers on a HERe Happenings event. I respect what Leslie does so much. Loved the discussion also. Super bonus. Yashar Koach!"

Podcaster & Singer/Songwriter

"Thank you SO much for everything. Was such a wonderful experience also, I really do retain magical memories from that wine and cheese open mic. Thanks for all of these experiences they’re so important for my soul can’t wait until next time! Thank you again to the wonderful Leslie and Miriam for orchestrating such a wonderful, intimate, and inspiring event! May Hashem give us the opportunities to help and heal others and bring achdut through our art!"

Esti Berger Pitterman 
Professional Singer/Songwriter/Pianist/Guitarist/Musical Director


Miryam Lakritz
Professional Singer

"I just wanted to thank you so much for allowing me to be part of the incredible project yesterday. It was a complete honor to perform among such a talented & spiritual group of women, yourselves included. You both have so many zechutim arranging such events (in-person or virtually) since it gives an outlet not just to the performers but to the female audience members as well who are empowered by witnessing frum Orthodox women in their element, serving Hashem with their talents in sheer joy. Sending you both so much love, With tremendous gratitude."

Eli (Elisheva) Ryp
Professional Singer

"Thank you!! Thank you!! For the love, personal support, and encouragement. It was a wonderful experience!! ...Thank you for this awesome event! I loved being a part of it! Feel close to my musical sisters and to myself. Can’t wait to watch it and see all the talent from yesterday’s show again. This is an awesome initiative, and I am grateful to be part of it."

Lisa Schwadron
Singer on Open Mic

"Thank you again for organizing such a wonderful event! So few opportunities to share our talents with each other and such a joy...and from our homes...very personal and intimate. You have given us such a gift by giving us the opportunity to express ourselves!"

Tzipporah Wayne
Singer on Open Mic

Thank you so much for the honor and opportunity to perform with such a chosheveh group of performers and attendees. My Mom had a wonderful time, as did I - and all! It's very special that you do this. we feel your passion, freshness and enthusiasm - whether in the audience or the green room, we all were so into it! It just flowed and it was fun, moving, exciting - so many emotions and moods. Looking forward to hearing more performances by others and sharing in this amazing holy artistic presentation. It was supportive and connected - circle before performing and Torah thoughts integral. and it was participatory - really important for performers - & audience too - to feel this. luv & light.

Fraidel Leah Kletter
Pianist on YOUR TIME Open Mic

"I wanted to let everyone know that I have a friend going through a very difficult time. She said that the messages in the songs really uplifted her and helped put her in a better place. The power of music!
Thank you so much for creating this experience and putting this event together. It is very special to be connected to other performers and learning from everyone. This was so much fun! I would love to be part of other events in the future so that I can grow as an actress and singer. Thank you!"

Zahava Kimelfeld
Singer on Open Mic

"I've been meaning to tell you how expressive your face was during that entire 90-minute Worlwide Acappella Comedy show. It was so lovely to look at your eyes and smile and see how engaged you were at all times...great visual feedback for the performers. I personally appreciated your animation very much. AND you are an AWESOME producer with a great voice!"

Sharon Geller
Comedian & Actress, SG ENTERTAINMENT

"Thank you so much for putting all the time and effort to arrange this amazing event!!! It was such a great opportunity!"

Shana Steinberg
Singer on Open Mic

"Thank you for all your time, talent, and positive energy... There is something so special about women performing for other women. Women are great at supporting each other, they just need the framework. HERe is a very special network and done with your heart and soul coming from Hashem and not ego. Thank you for inviting me into your Zoom world. It was so exciting to hear that there were women joining from South Africa...It is a small world and a huge and wonderful thing to connect Jewish women from around this amazing planet.
I was impressed with the way that you included and nurtured the younger girls--the next generation. You bring such light and positive energy and connect Jewish women from around the planet. Toda robah!"

Sunita Stanislow from Shetland Islands, GB Professional Harpist

"I think one of the most beautiful things was the way you started off giving it all to the Master of the Universe to orchestrate! It should be a zechus for you! ...It was so perfect for you to create an after party because it is so true that after we perform there’s so much adrenaline. I know I’ve written some of my best songs after a concert. And look at all the incredible ideas and partnerships that are already in the works from that! Kol Hakavod!"

Tzirel Liba Mitzmann

"It was so fun to meet other artists from around the world!"

Yael Friedman
Singer on Open Mic

"Thank you so much for such an amazing experience. This was truly amazing! If you ever have any other events, I would love to participate in it! Thank you again for putting this all together. I really enjoyed it!"

Michal Herzog
10 Year Old Singer on Open Mic

"Thank you, again, Leslie! Your professionalism, leadership, and humor made this such a success and a pleasure for me to be a part of."

Elena Tal
Professional Opera singer/vocal coach

Thank you so much for a most beautiful event! I got only positive feedback from my relatives and friends - all really enjoyed and had a fantastic time!

Sarah Orlian
Singer/Pianist on YOUR TIME Open Mic

Thank you so much for such a beautiful event last night! I had so much fun watching and listening to so many talented women and really enjoyed getting to perform. Thank you! 

Rivki Steiner
Singer/Pianist on YOUR TIME Open Mic

Thank you for organizing!!! I had an amazing time tonight!

Rivka Bella Rabaev
Singer on YOUR TIME Open Mic

Had a blast! Thanks so much! It was so nice to connect and share a little of our souls :) 

Chaya Weitzman
Singer on YOUR TIME Open Mic

"I can't thank you enough for organizing this event! It's was a pleasure to be in the same room with a that talent! I hope we see more of each other in the future. Continued hatzlacha!"

Shanny Katzman

It was amazing - thank you for the event! Loved the finale!!!! 

Judy Frenkel
Comedian on YOUR TIME Open Mic

It was so special and beautiful. Such a supportive, great vibe. It’s so special and not so typical. Thank you everyone! 

Esti Berger Pitterman
Featured Singer/Songwriter/Pianist on YOUR TIME Open Mic

All y’all were amazing. I had the best time

Michal Neiman
Singer/Drummer/Guitarist on YOUR TIME Open Mic

What a beautiful evening it was! Each one of you ladies sparkled on stage! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening and will not wait another 20 years to go on stage again. 

Danielle Zimmerman
Singer on YOUR TIME Open Mic

Last night was amazing! The way all the performers supported each other backstage was so inspiring! 

Shayna Palley Sumner
Comedian on YOUR TIME Open Mic

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